Re-Imagining Patient Financial Engagement

Finding financial rhythm between patients and providers.

Chiefy helps surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other surgical stakeholders easily get on the same page and continuously align. The result is great teamwork and a dramatic improvement in perioperative quality, efficiency and patient safety.

PhaseV is enabling adaptive trial design and closed-loop execution to improve clinical trial success rate while maximizing resource and time efficiency. Their novel methodology and advanced technology also enable the detection of hidden signals in data while analyzing clinical trial results and extracting actionable insights.

OneStep has developed a comprehensive platform for remote physical therapy.
Leading providers all across the US – from PT providers to orthopedic surgeons to medical device companies – partner with OneStep to evolve from intermittent, clinic-based care to unbounded care that meets the patients wherever they are.

Tyto Care is developing the first FDA-approved, full stack software platform and handheld device to enable anyone, anywhere to perform an accurate physical examination for remote diagnosis at clinical-level data quality. Representing the next generation of telehealth technology, this platform powers modern health systems around the world.

As digital data becomes the key driver of healthcare initiatives and workflows, there’s growing risk of patient information being leaked, exposed, and exploited. Protenus helps hospitals protect patient privacy in electronic medical records by using machine intelligence to identify and apply clinical context and detect HIPAA violations in real time.

Phantom is a neurotechnology company, spun out of the lab at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, that is enabling lifelike control of robotic orthopedic technologies, such as prosthetic limbs and exoskeletons.

Mellie puts everything you need to plan and care for your elders all in one place. We build a personalized care plan for you to plan care, find trusted resources, and provide a dedicated care coordinator to help navigate the entire process. is an AI based drug delivery startup, facilitating rapid “Design-Build-Test-Learn” cycles for identifying likely drug delivery vehicles for given therapeutic payloads.