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We provide pre-scale capital and assistance to teams on a mission to fix healthcare


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Are we a good fit?

For us, an investment is a long term relationship, meaning not every company is going to be a perfect match.

To help you figure out whether we’re a good fit for you, we’ve made our investment process and past investment data public.

Are we a good fit?

What’s a LionBird?

What’s a LionBird?

LionBirds are startups engineered from a unique insight to generate unnatural advantages. Although they start out small, they compete on a different vector that changes the playing field. They are not mythical creatures, but instead designed from inception to become the next kings of the jungle (and sky).

If you are building a LionBird, we want to hear from you

Working on something special?

We’d like to discuss your company and see if we’re a good fit for your team and long-term vision.