The first AI tax prep platform for CPAs

Automate 1040 tax prep so you can focus on building your firm.

Small businesses’ number one pain point is cash flow management. Fundbox alleviates this pain by providing businesses owners and freelancers advances for their outstanding invoices. Fundbox’s platform quickly and automatically underwrites businesses and provides funds through integration with online business applications such as QuickBooks and Xero.

Market researchers aim to maximize quality of feedback, how representative the feedback is, and how quickly the feedback can be obtained, but have traditionally had to choose between two of the three. reMesh breaks this paradigm and enables high-quality focus groups to be performed online by large groups of people, revolutionizing the way customer insights are gathered by brands and market research companies.

Bizzabo’s Events Cloud helps marketers create successful conferences and get the most out of their event marketing budget by empowering them to build amazing websites, sell tickets, grow and engage their communities, go mobile, coordinate attendee meetings and maximize event experiences – using a beautiful, user friendly platform.

FundGuard is a state-of-the-art cloud-based enterprise operating platform for asset managers, asset owners, custodian banks and fund administrators to manage investments across mutual funds and ETFs, alternatives, insurance, and pension.

Rooted in decades of research and proprietary deep neuro technology, Brainvivo is the first company to digitize the human brain’s abilities and make them universally accessible. Brainvivo unlocks the sophisticated biological neural network of the human brain to expand people’s capabilities and automate tasks that require human judgment, emotional insights, and intuition.

StreamOnce transforms how teams collaborate by connecting today’s business systems into their social for enterprise system. By bringing all of the relevant information for different systems to one social place, your team can search, manage and respond instantly to data.