PhysIQ’s Proprietary Personalized Analytics to be Used for COVID-19 Care with Newly Broadened FDA Labeling

  • PhysIQ announces FDA-sanctioned labeling to address the COVID-19 public health emergency with its proprietary Multivariate Change Index (MCI)
  • Deployed within the pinpointIQ® continuous remote monitoring solution, physIQ’s MCI will be used to proactively monitor homebound patients with or vulnerable to COVID-19
  • The sophisticated, machine learning-based algorithm uses multiple continuous vital signs from wearable sensors to detect subtle changes in physiology that may offer early detection of COVID-19-related clinical deterioration

CHICAGO, IL – The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has sanctioned labeling for pinpointIQ®, physIQ’s continuous remote monitoring system for use in the COVID-19 pandemic, including application of its proprietary Multivariate Change Index (MCI).  During this pandemic, pinpointIQ may be used to provide continuous physiologic remote monitoring to homebound or quarantined patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 or those whose high-risk profile that requires continuous remote monitoring, for example, those with heart failure, COPD, or hypertension.  By passively collecting wearable sensor data and applying advanced analytics, pinpointIQ may ease burden on hospitals and other healthcare facilities and reduce the risk of exposure for patients and healthcare providers to SARS-CoV-2 and conserve resources for the very sickest. Read more…