Fundbox, Brandwise Execs: How Net 60 Helps B2B — And Why They’re Joining Forces

B2B payments are mired in delays, in errors, in an imbalance in funds flow and credit terms. Simply put, buyers stretch out payments and suppliers play the waiting game – at least as well as it can be played with checks and cards.

The result is a cash flow crunch. Access to financing (trade finance, that is), especially online, can level the playing field a bit.

Fundbox said on Wednesday (May 1) that it had been selected by application service provider Brandwise to help provide net terms for the latter’s suppliers, buying agents and retailers through Fundbox’s B2B capital platform.

In terms of the mechanics of the integration, Fundbox’s offering is being embedded in both Brandwise’s online and mobile platforms, which helps suppliers and sales agencies sell to retailers.