The Key To Raising Your Seed Extension Round

Given the growth in seed funding driven by the combined forces of the “Micro-VC glut” and increasing activity by angel investors (often via crowd funding), it’s become increasingly common to meet so called “Seed Orphans” looking to raise seed extension rounds. These […]

VC pitch tip: Make sure you don’t overload your advisory board slide

It’s common practice for early stage startups to recruit an “advisory board” to expand their capabilities without adding more employees to their team. This is all well and good, but usually in early stage startups, the amount of people in […]

How to get some VC Love

While much of startup investing is moving online, the majority of startups still need to pitch investors face to face. And while best practices of pitching VCs (ie advice like how to build a good pitch deck) are well covered, there’s a […]

Naperville’s PhysIQ announces $4.6 million in funding

Naperville-based PhysIQ on Thursday announced a new name and $4.6 million in Series A funding, saying its health-monitoring platform is on track for U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval next year. Read more

VCs Find Fertile Ground In Women’s Health

Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and investors may be predominately male, but they’re fully attuned to the women’s health market. Mobile health apps have become increasingly popular as consumers seek to monitor every aspect of their lives through their mobile devices. In the past […]

amSTATZ closes $1.35 million for bringing tech to fitness professionals

amSTATZ, the online platform for fitness professionals, announced a $1.35M round today so it can expand its technology via partnerships with universities and also the American Council on Exercise. The capital, which was provided by Launch Capital, LionBird and Indiana […]

NVTC Names Kit Check the Hottest Startup in the Washington, DC Region

The Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Tuesday named Kit Check as the Washington, DC region’s Hottest Startup. Since 2010, NVTC has presented its “Hot Ticket” awards to area startups in categories ranging from “Hottest VC Deal” and “Hottest Exit” to “Hottest Startup.” […]

Fundbox gets $17.5M to give small businesses money when they need it

Small businesses could be patient and wait for their customers to pay for services. But waiting isn’t necessary anymore. A startup called Fundbox is coming out of stealth today and revealing its ability to pay small and medium-sized businesses for their invoices within […]

Tyto Care raises $4M for consumer-facing, diagnostic physical exam device

Israeli digital health device maker Tyto Care raised $4 million in a round led by OrbiMed Israel Partners with additional funding from LionBird. Read more

Indian retailers to get an online wholesaler, courtesy ShopClues

BANGALORE: India’s first exclusive online wholesaler opens shop this week, becoming the only one to allow retailers to buy products in bulk at wholesale prices. The wholesale site will be a part of, a retailer which is adapting to […]