The “Common Plus” Opportunity

What can you do if you already have an existing convertible note and want to make it attractive for a VC to invest in you now before your next round? Read more

How the right VC can help when you hit a down patch

As a startup closing your first round of funding, everyone is excited by your potential, investing in “the dream”. The plan is always to move smoothly from financing round to financing round, increasing your valuation all the way through IPO […]

Bento for Business raises $2.5 million

Anthemis Group led a $2.5 million seed round of financing for Bento for Business. Other participants in the round include Blumberg Capital, LionBird and Pivot Investment Partners. San Francisco-based Bento for Business provides financial services for small businesses. Read more

Are early stage startup valuations determined at random?

To many, it seems like early stage startup valuations are determined at random. Given that these companies often fetch higher valuations vs. their counterparts in other industries — despite lack of significant revenue, hard assets, or even direct public companies to […]

Indian E-Commerce Marketplace ShopClues Lands $100M Round Led By Tiger Global

There’s more funding for e-commerce companies in India today, after ShopClues — a startup that led the adoption of the marketplace model in the country — closed a $100 million Series D round. Read more

Kit Check Raises $12 Million Series B

Kit Check™ (, the leader in hospital pharmacy kit processing and medication tracking software, today announced a $12 million Series B funding round led by Kaiser Permanente Ventures. Rex Health Ventures, the venture investment arm of Raleigh, N.C.-based Rex Healthcare, also contributed to […]

How Top Founders Juggle Term Sheets

Breakout startups that are ready for “Fundraising Acceleration” often face the challenge of managing interest from multiple investors. Having been involved in a number of these startups first-hand as an early-stage VC, I’ve noticed a common pattern to how they […]

All those logos and no dollars?

Pitches for early-stage companies that have already released a B2B product typically include a slide full of client logos, which they use as proof of “traction.” Whenever I see this my ears perk up, as it’s no easy feat signing on […]

Fundbox – One Of The Fastest Growing Apps In Intuit App Center – Surges 321% In Last 6 Months

Fundbox is currently one of the fastest growing apps in the Intuit app center and has seen 321 percent growth since its public launch six months ago.  Fundbox customers on average see a 40 percent increase in available capital and […]

Over 200,000 Women Have Used Their Smartphones To Help Them Get Pregnant

Want to get pregnant? Avoid getting pregnant? There’s an app for that – actually multiple apps, some of them with amazing track records. Read more