Online Lenders Offer a Faster Lifeline for Small Businesses

Yaniv Liron has pulled cash and credit from every available source to keep his 11-year-old web design and development business, Lumina, running smoothly — a situation familiar to many small-business owners. Even though his company, in New York City, is established […]

New Bento Mastercard Safeguards SME Procurement

Small businesses are especially in need of resources to help manage procurement spending and mitigate the risk of fraud. But the smallest startups do not often qualify for a corporate credit card, forcing business owners to resort to giving their personal […]

A Corporate Card Just For Small Businesses

Even well-funded startups and small businesses face challenges getting credit cards and when they do qualify, there is very little designed specifically to meet their needs. Yet if you’re a small business owner, how do you control spending and expenses? […]

Fundbox Raises $40M To Keep Small Businesses’ Cash Flowing

IT TAKES MONEY to make money, so the saying goes. Which is why, for so many small businesses, the sometimes months-long gap between filing an invoice and actually getting paid can spell death when you’re already barely scraping by. Enter FundBox, an […]

Using Machine Learning And Wearables To Make Babies

Last week I explored how small data, rather than big data, can be a critical component of the Internet of Things. To drive the point home I went looking for more examples of companies using both small and big data […]

Amyris & Genome Compiler Partner to Commercialize DNA Construction Software Services for the Pharma and Biotech Industries

Amyris, Inc. (AMRS), an industrial bioscience company, and Genome Compiler Corp., a synthetic biology platform company, have entered into a collaboration agreement to integrate Amyris’s automated lab services with Genome Compiler’s online design tools and e-commerce platform to enable users to design […]

The “Common Plus” Opportunity

What can you do if you already have an existing convertible note and want to make it attractive for a VC to invest in you now before your next round? Read more

How the right VC can help when you hit a down patch

As a startup closing your first round of funding, everyone is excited by your potential, investing in “the dream”. The plan is always to move smoothly from financing round to financing round, increasing your valuation all the way through IPO […]

Bento for Business raises $2.5 million

Anthemis Group led a $2.5 million seed round of financing for Bento for Business. Other participants in the round include Blumberg Capital, LionBird and Pivot Investment Partners. San Francisco-based Bento for Business provides financial services for small businesses. Read more

Are early stage startup valuations determined at random?

To many, it seems like early stage startup valuations are determined at random. Given that these companies often fetch higher valuations vs. their counterparts in other industries — despite lack of significant revenue, hard assets, or even direct public companies to […]