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How Top Founders Juggle Term Sheets

Breakout startups that are ready for “Fundraising Acceleration” often face the challenge of managing interest from multiple investors. Having been involved in a number of these startups first-hand as an early-stage VC, I’ve noticed a common pattern to how they […]

All those logos and no dollars?

Pitches for early-stage companies that have already released a B2B product typically include a slide full of client logos, which they use as proof of “traction.” Whenever I see this my ears perk up, as it’s no easy feat signing on […]

The Key To Raising Your Seed Extension Round

Given the growth in seed funding driven by the combined forces of the “Micro-VC glut” and increasing activity by angel investors (often via crowd funding), it’s become increasingly common to meet so called “Seed Orphans” looking to raise seed extension rounds. These […]

VC pitch tip: Make sure you don’t overload your advisory board slide

It’s common practice for early stage startups to recruit an “advisory board” to expand their capabilities without adding more employees to their team. This is all well and good, but usually in early stage startups, the amount of people in […]

How to get some VC Love

While much of startup investing is moving online, the majority of startups still need to pitch investors face to face. And while best practices of pitching VCs (ie advice like how to build a good pitch deck) are well covered, there’s a […]