Ask Our Founders

When we say we strive to be the best pre-scale investors our there, don’t take our word for it. Instead, we invite you to get references from the founders we’ve backed first-hand:

Founder NameLocationLinkedin
Robert Lord, President @ ProtenusBaltimore,
Nick Culbertson, CEO @ ProtenusBaltimore,
Noory Bechor, CEO @
Andrew Konya, CEO @
Gary Ellis, COO @
Omri Moran, CEO @
Ron Miller, CTO @
Alon Ironi, CEO @
Ronen Jashek, CTO @
Yossi Bahagon, CEO @
Dedi Gilad, CEO @ Tyto
Ofer Tzadik, COO @ Tyto
Eran Ben-Shushan, CEO @
Alon Alroy, CMO @
Boaz Katz, CPO @
Paris Wallace, CEO @ Ovia HealthBoston,
Bjorn Ovick, CEO @ StafflySan Francisco,
Omri Dahan, CRO @ MarqetaSan Francisco,
Jason Gardner, CEO @ MarqetaSan Francisco,
Eyal Yair, CEO @ Cart
Ilan Twig, CTO @ StreamOnceSan Francisco,
Ariel Cohen, CEO @ StreamOnceSan Francisco,
Eyal Shinar, CEO @
Yuval Ariav, CTO @
Ram Shalev, CEO @
David Kahani, COO @
Matt Pipke, CTO @ PhysIQChicago,
Gary Conkright, CEO @ PhysIQChicago,
Rami Cohen, CEO @
Kevin McDonald, CEO @ Kit CheckWashington
Sandeep Aggarwal, CEO @ ShopClues &
Omri Amirav-Drory, CEO @ Genome
Yogev Debbi, COO @ Genome
Michael Piermont @
Farhan Ahmad @ BentoSan Francisco,
Roee Nahir @ Assured
Afik Gal @ Assured AlliesBoston,
Lior Yogev @
Yaniv Zecharya @
Uri Katz @
Yoni Shtein @ LagunaIsrael
Yael Peled Adam @ LagunaIsrael
Ittai Dayan @ SaliencBoston, MA
Yuval Baror @ SaliencIsrael