LionBird provides early-stage capital and operational know-how to teams re-imagining traditional offline industries via the use of online technologies.



Software and big data sets are showing up in every aspect of our personal and professional lives, challenging existing business practices and models. Consumers now have access to more data, making their everyday decisions smarter and more efficient. Businesses are gaining visibility into their customers and partners while creating more touch points than ever before.

We are looking for innovative startups that have the potential to become disruptive forces; companies that are challenging long existing status quos by harnessing capabilities made available by cloud computing and mobile technologies to revolutionize offline markets in ways never previously imagined. LionBird invests in young companies capable of making it happen.




We look for passion and determination, enough to carry the team forward in the face of multiple obstacles. The core team should have extensive domain expertise, so they have the flexibility to create a good “Plan B” when needed.


The product must solve a critical problem in the target industry. Preferably, it won’t require fundamental changes in existing business models but instead streamlines existing practices by removing points of friction and inherent inefficiencies.


We evaluate the size of the market and its growth rate. We compare competing solutions, and assess whether the start-up can create meaningful differentiation and carve out a niche or capture a big market share.


We focus primarily on mature seed and early Round A investments within domains where we can add value. We look for companies that can get to revenue quickly with a limited amount of capital.


We’ll continue to focus on investments in the U.S. and Israel, but will also look for great opportunities in other locations in select cases where we have strong local partners. We look for the best companies within our investment themes, wherever they are located. 


 We look for startups that have the creativity and analytical discipline to stand out in the market. Generating “unfair advantage” in product distribution should be a core competency rather than an afterthought. 



Startups that interest us elicit a reaction right away, and as our interest grows, so does our input. If you find that we are meeting regularly and speaking openly about your business, making introductions for you, and acting as unofficial advisors, it’s because we are getting interested in investing and want to get to know you.

Contributing in this hands-on way leads to a faster evaluation process, better diligence, and lower risk, for both sides. Once we are investing our time and expertise in your company, the financial investment grows organically out of that.


Where Passion Meets Experience

Ed Michael
Managing Partner
25-year career at Abbott Laboratories where he served as Executive Vice President of Diagnostic Products, overseeing over $4B in revenues and 13,000 employees. Also served on the Board of Directors at Cook County Hospitals System from 2012-2013. Earned his B.A. in politics and government and a juris doctorate from Indiana University.
Chaim Friedman
Managing Partner
Previously co-founder and CFO at STARLIMS, a global informatics provider, directing its financial and commercial operations including company’s 2007 Nasdaq IPO and subsequent $123 million acquisition by Abbott in 2010. Holds a B.Sc. degree in economics and management from Technion.
Itschak Friedman
Venture Partner
Leads LionBird Advising Founders team, coaching portfolio companies from technological roadmap through first sales and delivery. Previously served as Divisional Vice President and GM of Abbott Informatics Solutions, and prior to Abbott co-founded STARLIMS, serving as President, CEO and Chief Architect until the company’s sale to Abbott. Holds B.Sc. in Geology from the Hebrew University.
Yuval Ariav
Co-founder of Fundbox, formerly its CTO and head of its Tel Aviv office, raising over $100 million from top-tier investors. Prior to Fundbox, was a founding team member and Director of Product at Onavo, which was acquired by Facebook for $150 million. Spent ten years in Israeli Military Intelligence, where he attained rank of major.
Jonathan Friedman
Previously co-Founder and CEO of a direct sales startup, and served as Sales Operations Director at a multi-national direct sales company. Leading LionBird VCPOV outreach program, including blog, events, and PR. Holds a B.A. degree in Economics from University of Michigan, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from IDC Herzliyah.
Eric Fenster
General Counsel
Previously general counsel at STARLIMS, currently general counsel at LionBird. Began legal career in international hi-tech practice groups at Yigal Arnon and Herzog, Fox, Neeman. Earned an LL.B. from Tel Aviv University and B.A. in History and Political Science from the University of California, Santa Cruz.
Sasha Hayman
Investment Associate
Previously Senior Media Relations Specialist at Walker Sands Communication, a B2B PR firm, currently managing deal flow in US office and assisting portfolio companies with growth initiatives. Earned a B.A. in Journalist and Strategic Communications from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.



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